NZSCA History
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The New Zealand Slot Car Association is based on the foundations established by
 the North Island Slot Car Association (NISCA).
Thanks go to Rob Dale for these glimpses of the old days.
I count 48 affiliated clubs in the 1967 listing.

Click for List of clubs affiliated to NISCA in 1967
  Pages from the February 1968 edition of NZ Home Handyman
  Photos of Dunedin Slotcar Raceways (a 1/24th track from the old days)

An interesting piece from Ray Jackson, Henderson MMRC.

Graeme you might be interested in this for some history and maybe someone might know who these people were, and if this record still stands.


Long distance races and endurance trials were popular when electric model car racing was in its heyday. The races were arranged so that cars were operated, by teams of drivers taking turn and turn about.


 Early in 1969, at the Dynamic Raceway, Onehunga, New Zealand, a team of four local enthusiasts completed a 220 hour long drive, operating a 1:24 scale model of a 1967 Can Am Ferrari. The New Zealand men drove in two and one hour shifts. The previous 'world's best' was a 120 hour drive, recorded by a team of American drivers.

Ref: The world of model cars by Guy R Williams


220 hours is 9 and a bit days of racing.


Ray Jackson