12 Hour Enduro

NZSCA have closed entries for the 2014 Enduro, we have received and accepted the following 6 teams.

Mainland - Neil Bidwell, Andrew Bidwell, Drew McCarthy, Kerry Radford
WestSlot - Kieran Dale, John Crothers, Steve Murrey, Dion DeGraaf
W.O.T - Chris Dillon, Alan Tuckers, Keith Cheeseman, Gill Andrews
Well. 2. - Paul Belchambers, Russell Levy, Ron Thornton, Chris Parkes, Simon Moody
Central North - Dan Smith, Paul Caplan, Darren MacLeod, Paul Le Breton, Stu Smith
Pit Lane - Graeme Saxton, Garry Ferguson, Tim Wright, Sefton Davis

This event is to be held on Saturday 12th April 2014 in Wellington....Bring it on!