Feb 2014

12 Hour Enduro

NZSCA have closed entries for the 2014 Enduro, we have received and accepted the following 6 teams.

Mainland - Neil Bidwell, Andrew Bidwell, Drew McCarthy, Kerry Radford
WestSlot - Kieran Dale, John Crothers, Steve Murrey, Dion DeGraaf
W.O.T - Chris Dillon, Alan Tuckers, Keith Cheeseman, Gill Andrews
Well. 2. - Paul Belchambers, Russell Levy, Ron Thornton, Chris Parkes, Simon Moody
Central North - Dan Smith, Paul Caplan, Darren MacLeod, Paul Le Breton, Stu Smith
Pit Lane - Graeme Saxton, Garry Ferguson, Tim Wright, Sefton Davis

This event is to be held on Saturday 12th April 2014 in Wellington....Bring it on!

Calendar Change

Calendar has been changed to include the 2014 Bruce McLaren Trophy Event, details have been added under Coming Events/Non NZSCA. This will be held Sunday 13th April after the NZSCA 12 hour race.